When I’m not aligning uteri I hang out with Bret Michaels at parties and try to look cool.   Not really, that’s my husband and me at a wig party, trying to look cool. I was supposed to get the blonde wig, but it looked much better on Russ. His flowing locks remind me of the good ole days when I used to sneak out of the house and drive to Detroit, MI to see heavy metal bands.  …Sorry, you had to find out like this dad.

I was soooo tempted to wear three-inch spiked heels to complete my look but decided to wear my flat minimalist shoes instead(Lems Primal)- my feet, low back, and pelvic floor thank me today.  Check out the image below- notice what happens to the body when you wear positive heeled shoes while trying not to fall on your face. For every degree of height you add under your heel, your body has to create a compensation pattern at all the other joints in order for you to stay upright. Other areas of the body like the pelvic floor, knees, low back, feet, upper back and neck all suffer. The working dynamics between the pelvic floor, respiratory diaphragm, transverse abdominis, multifidus and gluteus all need to work TOGETHER, but an imbalance of forces is created when you add a positive heeled shoe. Basically, when you elevate your heels (even an inch) all day every day you mess with nature’s exquisite design!  It’s no wonder pelvic floor disorder is so prevalent in this shoe wearing, chair sitting, no squatting nation.  Remember all parts work together, so you can’t Kegel your way out of this one!  Wow, listen to me now. Oh, how times have changed.  I swear I’m still cool{ish}, I’m just much more sensible.

Image: copyright Restorative Exercise, Inc.

Image sourced from Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief with permission from Katy Bowman.

If you are the one in four women suffering from chronic foot pain or if you want to take care of your whole body starting from your feet (your foundation) order your copy of Every Woman’s Guide to Foot Pain Relief  it will show you how to not only prevent pain but how fix to your feet and halt damage to the rest of your body. Through the scientific approach of biomechanics, which looks at the gravity, friction and pressure of our bodies, expert Katy Bowman offers an innovative set of exercises; her easy-to-follow program will help you to eliminate unnecessary foot and lower-leg pain.

Read how high heels affect the uterus and read my shoe recommendation here.

Find out how to transition wisely to flat, minimalist or barefoot in Katy Bowman’s book Whole Body Barefoot:

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