Chi Nei Tsang is a form of bodywork used thousands of years ago in China by Taoist monks to strengthen and purify their bodies on their journey to enlightenment. CNT encompasses massage, breath work and chi kung principles to cleanse and purify the internal organs of built up toxins and emotional stresses.

Spring is the ideal time to detox the Liver.  The liver has many metabolic functions in the body including synthesizing proteins, metabolizing fats, metabolizing and storing carbohydrates, forming and secreting bile, storing vitamins and blood and detoxifying, and metabolizing, drugs, alcohol, and environmental toxins.  The liver also plays a role in all flows in the body including the menstrual cycle and how we flow through life. Do you get frustrated when faced with obstacles, or see the situation as a learning experience and go with the flow?  Your reactions to stress could be a reflection of liver chi imbalance/balance.  Emotionally, the liver can hold anger and frustration when not in balance.  As mentioned, the liver secretes bile; it is no coincidence that the word bile also signifies an inclination to anger.

CNT uses healing sounds to help release stored emotional and physical stress from the internal organs.   Each organ has a particular sound that helps release stress from that organ. Sounds have unique vibrational qualities and those sounds resonate with particular organs.

Liver meditation:
The healing sound for the liver is SHHHHHH. Reach your arms over your head with your fingers interlaced, palms up, relax shoulders and lean slightly to the left to open the liver area, do the sounds 3-6 times releasing any stress, anger or heat held in the Liver. There is an old Taoist saying, “if you do the liver sound 36 times and you’re still angry at someone, you have the right to slap them.” 😉  Smile to your liver after you do the sounds (I’m not kidding, you read that right, smile down to your liver), return your hands to your lap, palms up, smile down kindness and gratitude, imagine your smile infused with a healing green light flowing down to your liver.  In a Harvard study, people viewed a video that was reported to bring up feelings of compassion within the viewers.  Blood samples of the subjects were taken before and after the video was viewed showing a boost in the immune system after the viewing.  We all know what stress does to the immune system, but we rarely think about the other side. So yes, smile down to your liver; where your attention goes, your energy flows.

The healing color for the liver is green
Associated organ: gall bladder
Season: Spring
Element: Wood

Emotional signs of obstructed chi flow in the liver  (stagnant liver):

  • anger
  • frustration
  • resentment
  • edginess
  • moodiness
  • negativity
  • depression
  • impatience
  • poor judgement
  • difficulty making decisions
  • emotional repression
  • emotional attachments

No one organ works by itself, there is a controlling and nourishing cycle within the body (for example, the wood of the liver feeds the fire of the heart). During a CNT treatment, I will teach you self-care abdominal massage and all the healing sounds so that you can have tools to detoxify your organs, help digestion and elimination and relieve emotional stress that is held in the body.


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