Did you know that  you can receive Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT) when undergoing IVF or IUI?  Ideally, ATMAT treatments would start at least three months prior to trying to conceive, but if the decision has already been made to undergo an IVF, you do have another option.  The recommended number of ATMAT treatments with IVF would be around five depending where you are in the process.  Timing of treatment varies depending on your menstrual cycle. Your ATMAT practitioner will help customize a schedule for you.  Ideally, you will receive four weeks of treatment before stimulation of the ovaries and one just before transfer. Your ovaries will become larger and sensitive to the ovarian stimulating drugs, so any lower belly treatments after ovarian stimulation should be very gentle to reduce the risk of ovarian torsion. I’m talking feather light strokes in the lower belly. Your practitioner will also modify the rest of the treatment depending on where you are at in the process. Abdominal massage should not be done after the transfer until week 20 of pregnancy.

Empirical evidence shows that ATMAT helps open and soften the cervix and improves the health and quantity of the eggs. The massage also appears to reduce abdominal swelling and pelvic pressure and relaxes the nervous system. ATMAT is also a relaxing and nurturing experience.  Stress reduction should be a part of every fertility protocol. I often combine craniosacral therapy and a full body nurturing massage with the ATMAT treatments.

ATMAT helps to balance hemodynamics (blood flow) of the pelvic region- bringing fresh blood supply and nutrients to the reproductive organs and carrying away wastes via the venous and lymphatic systems.  This increased flow aids the uterus in fulfilling its reproductive destiny by building a nice fluffy uterine lining rich with nutrient-dense blood.  As Dr. Rosita Arvigo explains, “it’s like preparing the crib for the expected  baby.” Most people would put a lot of care into creating a safe comfortable crib for their baby, why not spend the time preparing the babies very first crib, the WOMB.

Also see what CNY Fertility Center is saying about Maya abdominal massage and IVF

To find an ATMAT practitioner near you visit the Arvigo Therapy website.

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