I love watching a good movie but dislike sitting on the couch. I call it the slouch couch because I collapse into a big C shape with my sacrum tucked under when I sit on it. When the sacrum is tucked under it flattens the natural lumbar curve putting pressure on the intervetebral discs of the low back. This C posture also cranes the neck forward and creates excessive abdominal pressure. My uterus gets squished and my digestive organs suffer when I sit in this position.  Organs need to be able to move and slide and glide against each other in order to function properly.

In the video below you see me and my wingman (Cornbread Loomis) demonstrating the crescent stretch. The crescent stretch lengthens the muscles along the side of your body and gives your organs room to function properly.  (Sorry we didn’t get dressed up for the video, it’s always “sweatpants time” in the Loomis household).

So get off the slouch couch and onto the floor. Once you’re on the floor you’ll automatically start doing stretches, and before you know it you will have done two hours of various Restorative Exercises and watched a kick a** movie. By the way, that’s not gay porn we are watching, that’s Top Gun.

Check out Iceman’s (Val Kilmer) rib trusting. A rib thrust is when the entire ribcage is lifted and rotated (not so good for the spine, breathing, internal organs, abdomen or the pelvic floor). But, it’s what most of us do when we “stand/sit up straight”, try to look tough or try to appear like we have a flat belly.

Now that’s some serious rib thrusting going on!

Oh my gosh, they are all a bunch of posers!

For more stretches to do on the floor, or to work on the hyperkyphosis you are masking by rib thrusting, check out the Alignment Snacks: A Real Pain in the Neck, Can’t Get Enough Shoulders, Everybody Needs a Little Shoulder Bolster, Let’s do the Twist, Rhomboid Madness, Within Reach and Twisting The Night Away.  



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