Today (December 16) is my birthday.  I’m 45 years old today and wanted to do something at 45 that I couldn’t do at 25.  That something is a chin-up without having to use my pull-up assist thingy (or crap my pants in the process).  If you have seen my chin-up journey videos and posts, you know how crappy I was at this. I’m not saying I’m a rock star at it just yet, but I’m definitely making progress.

The trick is consistency.  It’s pretty amazing how quickly the body builds strength (or loses it) depending on your frequency of use.  Once or twice a week I’d make an attempt at a chin-up and then I’d whine about how hard it was.  Well, I guess turning 45 is a motivator because I went from half assing it to putting in a consistent effort everyday for a week.  Use it or lose it baby!

Happy birthday to me!  My gift to myself every year is to be healthier and stronger than I was the year before.

This is me before. I could hold my sippy cup up all by myself (but not without pooping my pants).  Not bad considering the cup was the size of my head.

me sitting in highchair

My first year of training drinking a protein shake while my mom holds my cigarette and coaches me on. Gosh, I wish we knew back then how bad High Chairs were for the body!!! ©



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