Breathing Mechanics and The Colon

The following video is a demonstration of how breathing mechanics affect the large intestine (colon).   …bonus breakdancing tips!


The blue snake looking thing is the colon.



The video below is Katy Bowman demonstrating breathing mechanics and internal pressure:

Need addition help with your breathing mechanics?  The following Alignment Snacks focus on opening the shoulder girdle and relaxing the neck.  Shoulder and neck tension can interfere with proper breathing, so check out A Real Pain in the Neck, Everyone Needs a Little Shoulder Bolster, Rhomboid Madness, Within Reach and Take a Load of the Chest.  Click HERE to find the Alignment Snacks.

Get a belly massage.  Abdominal massage can help relax the diaphragm and encourage intestinal motility.

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  1. Alexa says:

    Adorable, funny and informative. What a great way to visualize how breathing mechanics affect digestive/colonic health.

  2. Galina says:

    I loved the demonstration of the colon attachments to the diaphragm and the colonic poop shoot dance. I am a fan for life!

  3. Ryan says:

    I can’t thank you enough for your video demonstration on proper breathing and the tips on squatting position. I practiced both today and the difference is incredible. I was at my wits end trying to understand how to position myself using a step stool when using the bathroom. I will invest in the real squatty potty. They might seem minor, but breathing to expand the circumference of the ribs, tilting of the tailbone out, and leaning forward from hips made all the difference. I’ve searched the internet many times looking for guidance like this, luckily someone put this URL in their Amazon review of the squatty potty. I am so grateful. Thank you Thank you!!

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