The following video is a demonstration of how breathing mechanics affect the large intestine (colon). On average the corners of the colon lift about 3 cm with every breath and up to 10 cm with a full expansive breath. If you don’t expand the ribcage at all, you’re not taking advantage of this natural built-in synergistic design.    …bonus breakdancing tips!

how breathing helps colon

…not really, please don’t think of my head as a polyp.


The blue snake looking thing is the colon.



The video below is Katy Bowman demonstrating breathing mechanics and internal pressure:

Need addition help with your breathing mechanics?  The following Alignment Snacks focus on opening the shoulder girdle and relaxing the neck.  Shoulder and neck tension can interfere with proper breathing, so check out A Real Pain in the Neck, Everyone Needs a Little Shoulder Bolster, Rhomboid Madness, Within Reach and Take a Load of the Chest.  Click HERE to find the Alignment Snacks.

Get a belly massage.  Abdominal massage can help relax the diaphragm and encourage intestinal motility.

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