I often get asked if I work with men (must be all the uterine stuff). 😉

Yes, I do work with men.

  • I work with men who are having digestive issues.
  • I use Restorative Exercise™ and abdominal  massage when working with professional and non-professional athletes to help increase their range of motion and breathing function and reduce wear and tear on their joints.  I may also include EFT, Flower Essence formulas or Chi Nei Tsang for lessening pre-game anxiety.  Master Mantak Chia once told me that Chinese generals would receive Chi Nei Tsang before going into battle to help them think clearly.  As we all know, it’s tough to think clearly if you have knots in your belly!
  • It’s recommended that men receive fertility massage prior to trying to conceive. It’s usually the woman who comes in seeking fertility massage, but it’s important that the male partner also learns the self-care techniques.  Sperm takes about 72 days to develop to maturity, so everything the man does in the months prior to conception has an effect on the health of the sperm.
  • I also work with veterans to soften the emotional holding patterns held in the belly and thorax. We digest our experiences through the body especially the internal organs.  Flower essences, Reiki and abdominal massage are usually the tools I use when working with veterans or anyone else who has experienced physical or emotional trauma.

“You may be able to fight in battles in a suit of amour, but when you are wearing one all the time, it becomes impossible to dance,” -Willhelm Reich

“The mind will use the muscles and organs of the body as an outlet for pent up emotions” -Wilhelm Reich

Here are some recommended links on alignment and pelvic/prostate/testicle/low back health for men by Katy Bowman, biomechanist:

Men Have Pelves Too.

Mojo and the Painful Pelvis

Low Hanging Fruit


Below the Belt DVD

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I’ve put together some Frequently Unasked Questions, That Men May Want To Ask, But Are Too Embarrassed To Do So:

Do you massage the prostate? No, The treatments I offer are noninvasive external techniques, meaning I don’t work inside the rectum. But the abdominal massage will increase blood, lymph, nerve and energy flow which will benefit the prostate.

Where do you massage? The internal organ techniques may take place from the level of the top of the pubic bone to the clavicle area. I may also work around the sacrum, tailbone, back, neck, hands, legs and feet. Basically, I may work anywhere except the genitals of course…or in the nose. 😉

Will it hurt? No. If anything feels uncomfortable for any reason, please speak up and let me know.

Will I cry? You may, and that’s just fine. It’s actually better to let the tears flow than to hold them in. Read more about belly massage and pent up emotions here.

Will I get an erection? Massaging the abdomen may increase blood flow to a congested pelvis and may result in an erection, or as I like to call it a parasympathetic response. No big deal, it doesn’t mean that you are sexually aroused and I won’t take it that way. It probably won’t even happen, but I know men worry about it happening, so I thought I should mention it here. The truth is, I never know what’s going on “down there” since I have a flannel sheet and towel or blanket draped over your pelvic region and you will also be fully clothed during the session.

What do I wear? Wear something comfortable. T-shirt and comfortable pants are a good choice for most sessions.


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