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I’ve compiled a list of resources for men wanting to optimize their fertility, prostate and urinary health.

Male Tonic is a Rainforest Remedies™ herbal tincture formulated by Dr. Rosita Arvigo.   For more information on how Rainforest  Remedies are produced, visit the Female Tonic page.

Contents: Man Vine Root, Balsam Bark, Corn Silk

Traditional uses:

Erectile dysfunction


Benign Prostatic Hyperplasia (BPH)

Kidney or bladder infection

Dysuria (painful urination)

Prostatitis (not acute and infectious)

Kidney or bladder stones (not acute or infectious)



tincture bottle


Traditional Dosage: Erectile dysfunction (impotency), 1 dropper-full in one-half glass of tepid water three times a day before meals X 1 week, repeat monthly for 3 months

BPH-one 2-oz bottle every 2-3 months (clients need to be evaluated by a physician or health care provider on a routine basis).

Side Effects: In some cases of hyperacidity, urine may become darker, more copious and have a strong odor.

May be evidence of detoxification and will disappear within days.  Increase water intake is required until the symptoms pass.

May react with Cortisol products.

Special Notes:

There may be a temporary increase in bowel output for 24 hours.  Increase water consumption for 48 hours should urine appear cloudy.

Rainforest Remedies Disclaimer: The Food and Drug Administration have not evaluated these statements or products. We make no claims that these formulations diagnose, treat, cure or prevent disease. Consult a qualified healthcare provider to address specific health care needs or concerns.   Always tell your physician if you are taking herbal products.  Herbs may react adversely with pharmaceutical drugs.

You may purchase the Aligned and Well DVD “Below The Belt,” For Men  {click link} Restorative Exercises™ for the pelvic floor, hip, sacral, sexual and prostate health.

I highly recommend Tim Park’s book Teach Us to Sit Still A Skeptic’s Search for Health and Healing.  He tells the story of his journey with chronic pelvic floor pain, abdominal pain and prostate/urinary symptoms.

Below the Belt DVD

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Suggested links

Low Hanging Fruit  “Sucking the belly IN is really sucking the belly UP.  “Sucking it in” creates a vacuum that pulls the contents of your abdomen up into the dome of your diaphragm and raises the pelvic floor with it.  The waistline flattens out, but now your testicles are perpetually heating up and your diaphragm isn’t free to move when you’re breathing.  Now there’s a hefty price for vanity.” -Katy Bowman, biomechanist

Eyes (and meatus) open Check out your pee stream for prostate insight.

Optimizing Male Fertility (It takes two to tango)

Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT) A noninvasive external abdominal and sacral massage to restore blood, lymph, nerve and energy flow through the pelvis and abdomen.  It’s not just for women!

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