Walking and other movements cause the uterus to passively follow your movements.  “This promotes the natural and healthy mobility of the uterus.  Simple inactivity, even without a structural problem, can reduce mobility and thereby predispose parts of the uterus to inflammation or other disorders.”- Dr. Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O.

You don't need a dog to get you out walking, your uterus likes to go out on walks as well. Click To Tweet

Walking helps reduce pelvic congestion and improve lymphatic drainage.

Margo The Wandering Womb Loves To Go On Walks.

A special message from the Humane Treatment of Uteri Society:Is your desk job a uterine prison? Click To Tweet Every uterus should have a safe and handy place to play and to relax. Unfortunately, a lot of uterus owners sentence their organs to “life” inside a congested pelvis.They never take their uterus for walks and deprive themselves of many of the pleasures of uterine ownership. Every uterus deserves at least one walk a day and every owner will benefit from providing it.


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