Pelvic position affects uterine position and menstrual cramps.  The Restorative Exercise™ below is my favorite for period back pain relief.

The Double Calf Stretch

1. place balls of feet on styrofoam dome (or begin with feet flat on the ground and transition slowly to a dome over time)

2. keep heels on the floor

3. knees fully extended (not bent)

4. allow the tailbone to float toward the sky (don’t force, but release into it) hint: stop clenching your butt!

5. relax the spine without thrusting the ribs.

6. hold for 1 minute, repeat 3 to 300 times a day. 🙂

Now try it again, but this time see if you can drop the knee caps (relax the quadriceps)

To learn Restorative Exercise™ for the pelvic floor, period back pain relief, reproductive and digestive health you may schedule an appointment here.  I offer sessions via SKYPE or in person in Portland, OR

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