The following video is a demonstration of an anteflexed uterus and how it can affect the bladder. “The bladder, uterus, and rectum are physically and functionally related.  Incontinence, cystitis, or cystalgia are often due to uterine malpositioning of three types:

  • uterine anteversion and anteflextion: the body and to a lesser extent the cervix press hard against the bladder, increasing bladder pressure at the expense of sphincter pressure;
  • uterine retroversion with ante flexion: irritates the trigonal/bladder neck region and impairs continence;
  • uterine prolapse: this can lead to prolapse of the bladder neck region.“-A simple uterine verticalization modifies bladder pressure and mobility.”- Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O.
Anteflexed Uterus uterus tipped forward on bladder

Uterus pushing on bladder. Symptoms of frequent urination and urgency with an anteflexed uterus. ©

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