In Katy Bowman’s book Move Your DNA: Restore Your Health Through Natural Movement she writes about how we move or don’t move changes our physical bodies right down to the cellular level. She explains that mechanotransduction is “the process by which cells sense and then translate mechanical signals (compression, tension, fluid shear) created by their physical environment into biomechanical signals, allowing cells to adjust their structure and function accordingly.”

tension, compression, shear forces

This got me thinking about the effect these forces have on our internal organs. I knew that prolonged forces, due to adhesions or shifted immobile organs will inhibit organ function, but I hadn’t considered the deeper effect of cellular expression. Instead, I was looking at the net result of disrupted blood and lymph flow (less than optimal nutrient and oxygen delivery as well as an inability to clear pathological debris).

Mechanotransduction and Fibroid Formation

This study, The Extracellular Matrix Contributes to Mechanotransduction in Uterine Fibroids  looks at mechanotransduction of extracellular matrix. ECM stiffness has a direct effect on fibroid formation and growth…ECM stiffness is generated by hyperproduction of collagen. “Fibrosis is initiated by many triggers which injure a cell, such as extravasation of blood into tissues, oxidative stress, infection, and chronic inflammation.”

Putting the Pieces Together

“the process of cellular mechanotransduction might be more a phenomena of structural hierarchies and biological architecture than the action of any single mechanotransduction molecule” Read full article here:  Cellular mechanotransduction: putting all the pieces together again

More on Fibroid Management.

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