I switched up my voice a bit in this one…just being silly.  Hoping it will get the attention of a few young ladies I know. By the way, laughing is natural massage for your internal organs. 🙂

Chronically sucking the belly in collapses the internal organ fascial support from the abdominal wall and increases the intraabdominal pressure toward the pelvic outlet and diaphragm, leading to constipation, hernias, prolapse, and incontinence.

…and the other hazard of sucking the belly in.

If you are interested in a functional approach to ab strength, check out Katy Bowman’s Just a dab of abs Alignment SnackThese few exercises in this class should make your abs burn if done correctly. Mind your objective markers (neutral ribs over neutral pelvis) otherwise you won’t be targeting the abs. Rib thrusting is what is getting in the way of core strength. Great class for you Diastasis Recti sufferers or anyone else who wants to build core strength. This class is a little shorter than the others but packs a punch. Stay tuned after the closing music for a couple of educational segments on shoulder mechanics and natural movement vs. exercise.


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