There is a common belief that feet grow during pregnancy. The fact is they don’t actually “grow”. The bones don’t get longer, the organization of the bones is what changes depending on how you are standing.

This forward weight position also affects your pelvic floor, low back, knees and increases your chance of diastasis recti. This forward posture is not a result of pregnancy, it most likely existed before you even got pregnant.

So, back your ass up. If you’re having difficulty getting there without feeling like you’re falling backward check out this post>> HERE

Don’t forget to check your shoes! Transition to zero drop shoes (flat)! Whole Body Barefoot: Transitioning Well to Minimal Footwear is also a good place to start. Being in a positive heeled shoe will change the loads on your feet.

In the video below Dr. Ray McClanahan demonstrates two exercises for strengthening your intrinsic foot muscles.

What’s on my feet:

Correct Toes™

ToeSox Full Toe with Grip (Amazon affiliate link)

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