This is a happy uterus that just got back from a walk.

Happy Womb

Below is a uterus that spent the day sitting at a desk in skinny jeans.

crumpled up uterus

Very sad flexed uterus. It just makes me want to cry looking at her.

I used to have an anteflexed uterus that pushed on my bladder. There are many degrees of anteflexion and some are totally normal and don’t cause any sort of problem. Mine, however, was severe resulting in me having to get up a couple of times a night to pee, but not a lot of pee was released compared to the urgency I was experiencing. The weight of my uterus was sending a signal to my bladder that it was full when it really wasn’t.

I corrected the position of my tipped uterus using the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, but I would find that after riding my bike my uterus would flex forward onto my bladder again. I finally figured out that I was riding my bike with my pelvis in a posterior tilt (tilted back) and my skinny jeans were cutting into my lower belly pushing my uterus down. The combination of the tight pants and pelvic position forced my uterus into the flexed position. Once I stopped wearing skinny jeans and corrected my pelvic position the problem was solved. I sleep through the night and no more menstrual cramps!

My Uterus never had this kind of trouble in the days of high-waisted nine-inch zipper jeans.

Yeah, that's me under the big hair. Miss March 1992 Weller Truck Parts calendar girl in her high waisted, uterine friendly jeans.

Yeah, that’s me under the big hair. Miss March 1992 Weller Truck Parts calendar girl! Check out the high waisted, uterine friendly jeans and bare feet.

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