I’ve taken on the task of reviewing my past and present fertility enhancement cases and recording them in a spreadsheet. Keep in mind this is not a scientific study, it’s just a record of treatments and outcomes. It would be impossible for me to do a valid controlled study. I never use the same treatment for everyone. Everyone is unique and has a different history. For instance, some women may have amenorrhea due to an eating disorder, or endometriosis, or scar tissue from past surgeries or infection, or their partner’s sperm count is low, etc. In essence, every case is vastly different and requires a different approach. In addition, some women are also working with an acupuncturist, herbalist, nutritionist, medical doctor, and have varying degrees of stress and support in their lives all of which can affect fertility outcomes.

Foundational modalities I use with women who are Trying To Conceive: Visceral Manipulation™ and /or Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (including teaching self-care massage).

Additional Techniques I may also include depending on individual need: Chi Nei Tsang, Ayurvedic Hip Massage, Functional Methods and Restorative Exercise™ You can read more about the modalities I use HERE. 


  • TTC= Trying to Conceive
  • ATMAT= Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®
  • VM=Visceral Manipulation
  • CNT= Chi Nei Tsang
  • Bajos= Pelvic floor steams
  • C.O.P= Castor Oil Packs
  • TX=Treatment
  • Vitex
  • RE= Restorative Exercise™

As I reviewed my client files, I recorded every fertility case I found in a particular time period. This is a time-consuming process, but I’m hoping to add to the list as time allows. I’m hoping that with practice, I can hone my case study recording skills and patterns that I can learn from may emerge.

For more on Fertility Enhancement via a manual therapy approach listen to an interview I did for the Facts Of Fertility Summit. You can also download my Fertility ebook at the bottom of the article.

AgeSymptoms/DiagnosisSignificant FindingsSupportive Modalities & additional Techniques used# of visitsConceived Yes or No
38Fertility challenge post miscarriage, poor circulationanteverted uterus, tense upper abdomen, bloatingATMAT SC,Castor Oil Packs, bajos2 visits- 2 months between visitsyes, concieved
36Fertility challenge
TTC with donor sperm
Ovarian cyst.
Cervix points left,
Upper abd. Tension
congestion around Left pudendal nerve
Castor oil packs
3 visits
over 3 months
No. Did not conceive as far as I know (lost touch with her). She felt her cervix align while doing the bajos
Tried insemination at home twice w/o luck and decided to wait several months before trying to conceive again
Her ovarian cyst resolved
32Fertility Challenge after recent laparoscopy (scar tissue) for ovarian dermoid cyst
anteverted uterus
Uterus anteverted and to the left
Scar tissue on sacrum
ATMAT SC, Craniosacral
Castor oil packs
2 visits
over 2 months
Yes, Conceived shortly after first treatment
39Fertility TTC for 5 months.Stress
Painful sacrum from fall
Lower right abdominal pain
liver motility restriction
ATMAT SC, Chi Nei Tsang for Liver and spleen
RE for the psoas
Castor oil pks.
Stress reduction making time for the baby to come into her life
2 visits over 2 monthsYes, Conceived after second TX. pain subsided after first tx.
35Low back pain (since last birth 1.5 yrs. ago)
Abdominal pain (cramping in the last 2 months)
Hip flexor pain (for past 3 yrs)
TTC for 5 months
Uretus to the left and low
SI restriction on right.
work and home life stressful.
Castor oil packs
RE psoas release
2 visits
over 3 wks
Yes, Conceived after first TX.
36Retroverted uterus, bloating, low back pain, pelvic inflammation, heaviness with period, painful intercourse, Fertility challengeLiver restriction, Right ovary/uterine tube restriction at 7 o’clock, Urachus restriction, right USL restriction, retroverted uterusATMAT SC, RE, bajos, RE5 tx over 5 monthsYes, Conceived continued TX through pregnancy. healthy birth and delivery
34retroverted uterus
2 C-sections (emergency)
appendix removed
Laproscopy for ovarian cyst
ectopic pregnancy
left fallopian tube removed
varicose veins
painful ovulation- BL
menstrual cramps, back cramps and clots
Bloating with periods
heavy menses, 2 C-sections, fertility challenge
internally rotated femurs, obturator internus tension,weak glute max., cecum restrictions, Kidney and Spleen pulses extremely weak, retroverted uterus RE, ATMAT SC, Retroverted techniques. 3 visits over 3 monthYes, Conceived after the third treatment.
33Painful periods, varicose veins, low back ache with periods, heaviness with periods, painful ovulation, painful intercourseGL- sacrum, LL-left USL. retroverted uterusATMAT SC, Ayurvedic hip massage7 TX over 7 monthsYes, Conceived
29bloating, dry vagina, constipated before period and tailbone hurtsretroverted uterusATMAT SC 4 TX over 2 monthsyes, Conceived
33May TTC, but for now is mainly concerned about abdominal scar tissue and digestive complaints. history: tubal pregnancy, left fallopian tube removedretroverted uterus, digestive bloating, ATMAT SC, RE18 TX over four years. Wasn't TTC the whole time, was hesitant about trying again because of traumatic experience from past ectopic pregnancyYes, Conceived and gave birth to healthy baby.
37tried to conceive using clomid last year without success.unexplained infertility
GL-right lower quadrant. LL appendix scar. uterus felt pulled right (round ligament), KI pulse low. Carries weight forwardhip massage and KI CNT
vitex, ATMAT, SC, RE
1TXYes, Conceived. She took a month off from TTC and then got pregnant the next month
38endometriosis, fibroids, hypothyroidismretro. uterus, worry around miscarrying againbajos, re, cnt, ATMAT, SC
outside therapies: Counseling
11TXYes, Conceived
36premature ovarian failureabdominal tension, nervousnessATMAT, SC, VM, RE
Outside therapies: acupuncture, herbs
12 TXNo, has not conceive
34fertility challenge and retroverted uteusretroverted uterus, pain with BM, right ovary/uterus restriction, pms, bloating, uterus/rectum restriction, left USL restrictionretro tech., RE, hip massage6TXYes, conceived after 6th TX. Pain with BM’s lessened with each tx. menstrual cramps lessened as well and she reported no cramps with her period after 3rd tx.

36TTC for a year.
History: 2 miscarriages
surgery two years prior for septum in uterus
KI and Spleen pulses very low.
DJ junction dysfunction
KI Chi massage, SC, ATMAT, VM1TXYes, conceived in the month after the first massage.
34TTC for 9 years, unexplained infertilityKI, SP pulses low. Liver motility, uterus lowATMAT, SC, RE
Additional help: fertility expert, ND, clomid
5TXNo, did not concieve, used a surrogate
29TTC for 6 months, irregular periods, constant mild cramps, painful ovulation. ultrasound was unremarkableuterus pulled to the left, restriction in left broad ligament, puffy sacrum, weak lateral hips and stands with hips thrust forwardRestorative Exercise™, ATMAT, CS, SC, 3-month fertility protocol3TX over three monthYes, conceived right away after 3-month protocol.

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