Test Your Basic Menstrual Cycle Knowledge

This quiz is important, not just to test your knowledge, but it’s a quick way to learn new vital information about your body (I share the correct answers with a short explanation at the end of the quiz).

So, test your knowledge and find out what your uterus may be telling you. The quiz has 23 points available with 12 questions total (obviously, it’s just a small sampling of what we should know about our bodies). So far, the average score has been 14 out of 23! Honestly, I didn’t know 75% of this stuff until I was around age 30! For the first decade of menstruating, I thought I was abnormal, gross, and cursed! Most of the information on this quiz is stuff we should have learned as a 13-year-old! Let’s normalize the conversation and demystify the female hormonal cycle! Please share the quiz with your friends.
Note: Some questions may have more than one answer. You get a point for each correct answer.

1. A menstrual cycle should be 28 days to me considered normal.


2. A menstrual cycle that is delayed over 35 days may mean:


3. A short menstrual cycle (less than 21 days) may mean:


4. Organs or glands that are involved in the menstrual cycle are:


5. The uterus is a jerk.


6. the absence of menstruation is called:


7. The average blood loss per normal menstrual period is:


8. Menstruation is not supposed to be painful.


9. The foods you eat can influence your menstruation.


10. A sign of excess estrogen may be:


11. It’s abnormal to see cervical fluid on underwear unless you are ovulating?


12. Abdominal massage can help reduce or eliminate menstrual cramps?


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