I had the pleasure of being interviewed by Crystal and Jo on The Primal Shift podcast. Subscribe to their podcast, they have lots of wonderful episodes on practical approaches to primal living in the modern world. I had tons of fun chatting with them about uterine health, natural movement, abdominal therapy and so much more. We covered a lot of ground! You can download the Podcast episode HERE. Or listen to it below.

To be honest I get a little nervous being interviewed. I worry about being misunderstood or not being clear in my explanations. It’s difficult at times to explain complex topics in a short interview especially when the podcasts audience may have varying ranges of understanding of your subject matter. I grew up being told to “just spit it out” by adults who grew impatient with hearing my long-winded explanations. So, I adapted by giving the “cliffs notes” versions. Unfortunately, condensing one’s explanations opens the door to all kinds of interpretations and misunderstandings.

That said, I think I could have done a better job to explain what Nutritious Movement™ is. Actually, Katy Bowman, the founder of the Nutritious Movement™ program says it best, “Nutritious Movement is sustenance for your cells. Nutritious Movement is a whole-body movement program that utilizes Movement Micronutrients, Movement Macronutrients, and habitat (lifestyle) changes to nourish.” You can read more about Nutritious Movement™ on her website.

Ok, the next thing I wanted to clarify is when I was asked about orthotics, I said something to the extent that they may be useful in some cases. Which is true, but I wanted to give an example of when that may be the case. As with all questions similar to “Do you recommend _____ for ______?”  the answer is usually “it depends”. For instance, when I was asked about orthotics, I was thinking about a 60-year-old client I had who gave up her daily walks because she couldn’t walk without foot and knee pain. She diligently did her corrective exercises, but she had been wearing supportive narrow toe-boxed shoes with toe springs for around 6 decades, so it wasn’t reasonable to think she could go minimal footwear overnight, or possibly ever! The orthotics gave her relief from pain so she could walk in nature which fed her cells and her soul. Orthodics won’t fix her feet, but they were the right choice for her.

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