If you don’t want to indulge in my fantasy nature workstation, scroll down to just below the little birdy to read about the Topo Mat and see the video demo.

My ideal computer workstation would be outdoors under a big cedar tree with a huge rosemary bush and bubbling brook nearby. The cedar branches would protect my computer from the early morning mist. My owl friend would hang out above and remind me to take breaks.


I’d stretch my calves on roots and massage my feet over stones. I’d brush my body with fresh rosemary twigs to relieve stress.

http://alignmentmonkey.nurturance.net/2016/topo-mat/ Roots

I’d hang from a branch to stretch my chest and elongate my spine. I’d squat on the soft peat moss and use a stump for my computer stand. I’d look off into the distance at the mountain range and watch raptors soar as I brainstormed about developing my next class. Curious deer would hang out nearby.

My office mate

My ideal office mate.

Bushtits would form a circle around me and eat the bugs so that they wouldn’t crawl on me. I’d rub the little bushtit bellies if they got too full. I’d be the first Chi Nei Tsang practitioner specializing in belly massage for fat little birds.

bushtit belly

bushtit belly

Until that happens I’ll open the window, use my imagination and add the Topo Mat to my dynamic workstation. As we all know by now, standing in one position all day long is a the body. The Topo Mat is an anti-fatigue mat that keeps you moving with its alluring varied surface. The video below is a sped up version of me using the Topo Mat. You can reverse the mat to vary your terrain even more (technically, I’m using it backward in the video).

The teardrop in the middle is great for stretching the feet from several angles. Don’t just drape your foot over the teardrop, but change positions inch by inch to massage every nook and cranny of the foot! The dome shaped rise in the back (or front depending on how you look at it) is perfect for stretching the calves (gastrocnemius, not baby cows). Add a slightly bent knee for the deeper soleus muscle. You also get a different intensity of stretch when using the mat from the front or when it’s turned around. The mat is cushioned enough to stand on without shoes (which I recommend) and it’s way better than standing on flat concrete or hardwood floors all day. The improved circulation from moving around and stretching the feet and calves is sure to keep you alert and productive. The surface of the mat is slightly textured to help give it an airy feel.

When I first saw the Topo Mat, I was skeptical that it would offer an improvement to my current standing workstation which  a tray of rocks, yoga tune-up balls and a styrofoam dome. I still love and will use my old tools, but I will also use the Topo Mat. It slides easily on the floor with a push of the foot so I can go from Topo Mat to the stone mat without hassle. Since I work from home, I can do whatever the heck I want when it comes to a bunch of stuff laying around. In a regular office building the practicality and convenience of the Topo Mat would make an ideal choice.

In case you are wondering, I’m wearing Correct Toes™.

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