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I had an interesting experience with a woman who had a stage 3 cystocele (bladder prolapse). The general listening (evaluation to find restrictions) took me to the lower left quadrant of the belly. The local listening took me to the bladder and from there I followed a lesion chain deep into the obturator fascia.  The bladder is closely related to the obturator foramen via fascia. After applying a technique I learned in my Visceral Manipulation™ training I felt a release between the two structures. The client later reported that she had immediate relief from her symptoms The dragging burning sensation dissipated and she regained the ability to empty her bladder completely. Her symptoms did however return, but her OBGYN reported an improvement from a stage 3 to a stage 2 bladder prolapse. 

This is all very fascinating to me and how it might be related to whole body alignment.


“Fluoroscopy has revealed the effectiveness of manipulation of the obturator foramen during bladder treatment. Pressure on the obturator can elevate a ptosed bladder by 2cm.”- Jean-Pierre Barral Urogenital Manipulation

Another fascinating connection proving that the root of the problem isn’t always where you might think. 

“Restrictions in the legs and feet are usually explained by the chain of fasciae, and the relentless force of gravity. Proximal and distal restrictions of the fibula are common. The bladder and its attachments depend upon the internal obturator and its aponeurosis. They share many fibers with the sacrospinous and the sacrotuberous, which in turn exchange fibers with the biceps femoris. The latter inserts into the head of the fibula-one explanation for the lesion chain between the fibula and bladder. More rarely, bladder problems may be associated with restrictions of the distal tibiofibular joint, navicular bone, or the fifth metatarsal. In some cases, we have mobilized bladders (as verified by fluoroscopy) simply by pressing the navicular, whereas the same pressure exerted on nearby sites provoked no movement at all.” Jean-Pierre Barral (1)

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