Proper circulation to, from and around the ovaries is vital for optimal physiological function. Like the other organs, the ovaries have a motility and a mobility. When organs loose their mobility due to adhesions, congestion, structural restrictions or metabolic overload their function declines.

According to the Chi Nei Tsang approach, if one ovary is higher than the other, the higher one drains into the lower one and becomes dry and tight and affects its function.

In the following video, I demonstrate how I teach ovarian self-massage to my clients. This is a massage I may teach clients who are experiencing hormonal imbalance, ovarian congestion, painful ovulation, knee pain with ovulation, fertility challenges and menstrual cramps. However, you’ve heard me say this a thousand times before, no one organ works in isolation. For instance, if there’s an issue with the ovaries, the liver, intestines, and kidneys may also play a part. Where the symptoms manifest aren’t necessarily where the problem originated. Sometimes I’ll manipulate the cecum, sigmoid and small intestines first and that’s enough to clear the ovarian congestion. I will also apply manual techniques to the uterus and ovaries and teach the Arvigo® uterine self-care massage first before teaching the ovarian self-care massage. I also teach my clients the skin detoxification and cecum techniques before the ovarian self-massage (see both of those videos on my Patreon page).

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Ovarian massage works best when performed by a Chi Nei Tsang practitioner trained in the technique, but the self-care massage is an important part of a home maintenance program. First, I instruct my client to lie on their back with bent knees to make their belly soft. I then show them how to find their ovaries, I demonstrate how in THIS VIDEO. I then demonstrate how to gently massage over their ovaries in a circular movement.  There may be times when lower belly massage is contraindicated, so check with your Chi Nei Tsang practitioner before applying self-care massage.

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