Your feet are your foundation.  What does your foundation look like?  Is it collapsing inward like a sinkhole (pronation)?  Are your toes curled up like a buckling sidewalk (hammer toes)?  Does it look like you are standing on a mudslide (foot smear)?  Would you build your dream home on a foundation like these?  Of course, you wouldn’t.  If you did, your home would experience unnecessary stress not only to the foundation but to the walls, the roof and everything in between. With the human body if your foundation (feet) are compromised, your knees, hips, and the pelvic floor all suffer. When your toes are spread, you have a wider foundation to support the whole body.

Your feet are kind of like a bridge in the way that a bridge isn’t supported in the center of the arch (think arch support insole).  Like with the bridge, the ends help support the arch by working in relationship to the whole structure. Your feet are beautifully designed, and if you give them a chance to do what they were designed to do, there is no need for expensive orthotics or arch supports.

Did you know that 25 percent of the muscles and bones are from the ankle down? Unfortunately,  we don’t utilize this amazing design because our feet are usually stuffed in stiff narrow shoes! The feet are dynamic and should be able to respond to stones or other uneven terrain without causing stress on the knees and hips, but since our feet are confined in shoes, they’re not able to respond to what is beneath them. Instead, the whole foot moves as one unit and the ankles, knees and hips suffer.

Several years ago I had a Morton’s Neuroma. Holy Cow, it was painful! I experienced a shooting pain from the ball of my foot that traveled out my third and fourth toes. Morton’s neuroma may occur in response to irritation, injury or pressure. My doctor prescribed orthotics at $200 a pair and said that I would need to get new orthotics every two years. He also said that orthotics wouldn’t fix the problem; it was like using crutches that I would have to rely on…forever. That would amount to around $5000 over the next 47 years. Surgery and injections were other options. No thanks.


Correct Toes™ Toe Spacers

And then I found Correct Toes toe spacers designed by Portland podiatrist (foot doctor) Dr. Ray McClanahan, which in addition to changing my footwear fixed the issue immediately.It has also helped with my balance and “rooting” in my Chi Kung practice.  I tried other toe spacers that were made out of plastic, but I couldn’t wear them in shoes, and it was impossible to walk in them. You get the most benefit out of toe spacers if you wear them while walking.

Correct Toes, if used properly, are used to correct or prevent:

  • Bunions
  • Corns
  • Ingrown toenails
  • Heel pain
  • Plantar fasciosis
  • Neuromas
  • Lower leg pain
  • Runners knee
  • Capsulitis
  • Tailor’s bunions

This is what I love about the Correct Toes™:

  • Correct Toes™ places your toes in the correct position relative to each other and the ground.
  • Correct Toes™ are different from other toe spacers because they are designed to be worn during weight bearing activity and can be worn in shoes. Note: you must transition wisely to a wide toe-boxed shoe.
  • You can wear them in shoes, barefoot, under your socks, or with toe socks.
  • Correct Toes™ are constructed with medical grade silicone, which makes them comfortable, flexible and durable.Trust me, I hate restrictive clothing, it makes me very crabby and makes me want to smash things! But, the Correct Toes™ don’t bother me one bit.
  • Correct Toes™ promote balance.
  • Use it flat side up to work on your balance and pelvic list.
  • Correct Toes™ are made in the USA!
  • Correct Toes™, when used as instructed, help to correct your foot ailments without having to resort to custom orthotics or surgery.
  • Correct Toes™ are a tremendously reasonably priced alternative.
  • What I really love is that they can be worn in a wide toe boxed minimalist shoe, so you get the benefit of spreading the toes without having to walk around with toe shoes that make your feet look like a gorilla’s. P.S. they fit nicely in my Lems and Altra’s

I offer FREE shipping for the Correct Toes when you purchase from my Nurturance website.

Correct Toes™

Correct Toes™

SIZING: Correct Toes™ come in three sizes, small, medium and large. Most women and many men find the MEDIUM size most beneficial though this is not always the case because the sizing is not always determined by the shoe size. The width of your feet and toes. The following guide is based on approximations. They also come with a handy instruction book that details how you can modify the Correct Toes™.

Small: Kids: 1+ Women’s: 5-7

Medium: Women’s 7.5-12.5 Men’s: 6-11

Large: Women’s: 13+ Men’s: 11.5+

Still unsure of your size? Check out this sizing guide.

Buy Now>> (you will be taken to my Nurturance website shop).

Made in Oregon. Free Shipping. 30-day return policy: Please save the packaging and contents and keep the Correct Toes™ in their original condition.  If the Correct Toes™ don’t work out for you, please wash them in mild soapy water and return them in the original packaging.

Are you serious about maintaining healthy feet? Do these three things as directed and I think you will be golden!

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