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Different types of fibroids

Different types of fibroids

Underlying factors that may contribute to uterine fibroids include uterine restrictions and mechanotransduction, diet, medication use, stagnant energy, blood stasis, and your emotional state.

The use of mifepristone in abortion associated with an increased risk of uterine leiomyomas. 

Postmenopausal estrogen and progestogen therapy and the risk of uterine leiomyomas.

The following is a general fibroid protocol:

  • Achieve a healthy body weight. Fat cells produce excess estrogen.  Fibroids are usually estrogen dominate.
  • Avoid endocrine disrupters as best as you can (plastics, pesticides, chemical cleaning products, perfumes, etc.). Download the handy Dirty Dozen Guide by the Environmental Working Group.
  • Avoid dairy or other inflammatory foods. Include lots of leafy greens and fresh fish into your diet.
  • Supplement as needed with vitamin A, C, zinc, and selenium. (consult with a healthcare practitioner before supplementing). Getting these nutrients through if possible food is always best. Treat anemia as necessary.
  • Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT) works to restore hemodynamics so that the body has the best chance of maintaining homeostasis (balance within). The usual treatment course is every 3-4 weeks for three to six months.  ATMAT has been used with ample success with fibroids that are five centimeters cm or less.
  • Visceral Manipulation™ also helps to restore proper uterine position, motility, and mobility.  Make sure you see a practitioner who has completed Visceral Manipulation 3 (VM3).
  • Self-care massage: daily except for the times outlined by your ATMAT practitioner.
  • Vaginal Steams: using oregano, sage, basil and calendula three times in the week prior to menses. Do NOT use essential oils in a Vaginal Steam.
  • Castor oil packs: five days a week and two days off
  • Get your pelvis in alignment.  The Healthy Pelvis download or DVD is a good place start, but I also recommend seeing a Nutritious Movement™ Restorative Exercise Specialist for individual help. Pelvic position influences the uterine position and blood flow throughout the pelvis.
  • Traditionally used herbal support: Female Tonic or Hortense’s Formula. And may gradually move to Hortense’s formula which is a formula that is traditionally used to cut off the blood supply to small fibroids. Hortense’s Formula is only sold to those who are under the care of an Arvigo practitioner.  It’s typically taken for three months and not taken with other herbs or medicines.  It’s also recommended that you do not eat sugar, drink alcohol or coffee while taking the formula.
  • Improve uterine tone with botanicals like red raspberry leaf infusions 2-3 quarts weekly (seek help from a qualified herbalist).
  • Comfrey compresses have been used to shrink fibroids. Poke Root oil rubbed on the belly may also shrink fibroids.
  • Increase pelvic circulation through walking, hip circles, belly dancing. Seriously, movement is soooo important! Both Western and Chinese Traditional Medicine see fibroids as a symptom of stasis in the pelvis.
  • Herbs that increase circulation in the reproductive organs are ginger and cinnamon. Cinnamon has also been used to reduce uterine bleeding.
  • According to Chinese medicine fibroids are a condition of blood stasis and cold in the womb. Using Moxa introduces heat and improves blood circulation through the pelvis. I demonstrate how I use moxa on The Palace of the Child points for blood stagnation HERE.

  • Dietary: Avoid foods laden with xeno-estrogens.  Eat organic when you can.
  • Balance the Liver. The liver processes all hormones in the body.  See a  Chi Nei Tsang practitioner, acupuncturist, Naturopath and/or take the Fix Your Period Home Study Course.  “The Fix Your Period Course (FYP) is a great way for women with fibroids to begin addressing estrogen dominance. I’d say this is one of the hormonal imbalances I discuss most. Food and supplements play a big role as well as reducing toxic chemicals. I also discuss blood work that they should get to determine whether they are estrogen dominant so I’d say it’s covered sufficiently. Obviously, not everything is covered because it’s such a short course, but I think it’s a great place for women who have fibroids to start addressing the underlying causes.”- Nicole Jardim, Health Coach and creator of the FYP program.  Make sure you’re getting the proper nutrients if you decide to take liver cleansing herbs! The liver has two stages of detoxifications and requires specific nutrients for each stage. If the second stage is not working as quickly as the first, it could make the situation worse!  If you’re planning on optimizing your liver detox pathways, seek assistance from a functional nutritionalist or ND.
  • Develop an outlet for creative energy-“Caroline Myss teaches that fibroid tumors represent our creativity that has never birthed, including “fantasy” images of ourselves that have never seen the light of day and creative secrets of our other “selves.”  Fibroids also result when we are flowing life energy into dead ends, such as jobs or relationships that we have outgrown.” -From the book Women’s Bodies, Women’s Wisdom: Creating Physical and Emotional Health and Healing by Dr. Christiane Northrup.
  • Sometimes having a large fibroid surgically removed can be the best option.  If you decide to have your fibroid removed surgically, know that it can be like pulling weeds and if you don’t get to the root (cause) they can grow back.  Before you start down the herbal, dietary, massage, or surgical path please watch this video.  Dr. Northrup talks about the mind-body connection and healing the pattern that caused her migraines and fibroid.  She doesn’t talk about her fibroid until about the 10:40 mark, but I recommend watching the whole interview to truly understand the emotional and energetic patterns that can create dis-ease.


The Extracellular Matrix Contributes to Mechanotransduction in Uterine Fibroids This study looks at mechanotransduction of extracellular matrix. ECM stiffness has a direct effect on fibroid formation and growth…ECM stiffness is generated by hyperproduction of collagen. “Fibrosis is initiated by many triggers which injure a cell, such as extravasation of blood into tissues, oxidative stress, infection, and chronic inflammation.”

Since shifted immobile organs (decreased mobility and motility) can lead to those very things and our poor structural alignment can contribute to pelvic congestion and displaced uteri, I’m wondering if it’s safe to say: Poor musculoskeletal alignment could also lead to stiffness in the ECM, leading to fibroids?

“the process of cellular mechanotransduction might be more a phenomena of structural hierarchies and biological architecture than the action of any single mechanotransduction molecule” Read full article here:  Cellular mechanotransduction: putting all the pieces together again


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