“The bladder, uterus, and rectum are physically and functionally related.  Incontinence, cystitis, or cystalgia are often due to uterine malpositioning of three types:

  • uterine anteversion and anteflextion: the body and to a lesser extent the cervix press hard against the bladder, increasing bladder pressure at the expense of sphincter pressure;
  • uterine retroversion with anteflexion: irritates the trigonal/bladder neck region and impairs continence;
  • uterine prolapse: this can lead to prolapse of the bladder neck region.

A simple uterine verticalization modifies bladder pressure and mobility.”- Jean-Pierre Barral, D.O. {source 1}

Figure 1. anteflexed uterus 2. retroverted uterus 3. retrocessed uterus 4. retroflexed uterus ©

Figure 1. anteflexed uterus 2. retroverted uterus 3. retrocessed uterus 4. retroflexed uterus ©


Internal organs should have fluid motility (intrinsic motion) and a mobility (from external motions) for optimal physiological health. But, due to scar tissue from surgeries, adhesions from inflammation, poor pelvic alignment, or trauma from serious accidents or traumatic childbirth, organs can shift and have their movement/function impaired.

uterus pushing on bladder anteflexed uterus

Uterine position straining its relationship with the bladder. The bladder can be VERY irritable anteflexed uterus! ©

There is help:  

1. Start working on pelvic alignment. The uterus attaches to the sacrum and lateral side walls of the pelvis. If the pelvis is not in proper position, the uterus and uterine ligaments won’t be loaded correctly. I firmly believe that pelvic and sacral positioning are the main influencers of uterine positioning. If you aren’t in the Portland, OR area, no problem, I offer Skype appointments, click here.  

2. Learn the self-care taught by a certified Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy® (ATMAT) practitioner.  Find an  ATMAT practitioner near you by clicking here, or here for the Arvigo self-care workshop.

3. and/or see a Visceral Manipulation Therapist (VM) who has completed VM3.

Whether you see an ATMAT or VM practitioner, I can’t stress enough how important structural alignment and full body movement is for internal organ health. It’s all connected!

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by Jean-Pierre Barral pg. 56

Author Bio: Barbara Loomis is Nutritious Movement™ certified Restorative Exercise Specialist and a certified practitioner and educator of the Arvigo Techniques of Maya Abdominal Therapy®, certified Chi Nei Tsang therapist and a Visceral Manipulation™ practitioner. She combines abdominal therapies with Restorative Exercise™ for reproductive, digestive, pelvic floor and abdominal health in Portland, Oregon. Not in Portland? No problem, you can also schedule a SKYPE appointment HERE.

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