We all know that sitting in one position all day isn’t good for us, but either is standing in one position. Take a tour of my home office dynamic workstation to get ideas on ways to keep moving while working on the computer. From a standing workstation to a squatting workstation.

Think outside the chair!

Working while on belly

I’ve also added a futon workstation. Position a rolled up towel or styrofoam dome under the ASIS to encourage hip extension. Pubic symphysis on the futon or floor.

legs on wall to stretch adductors

Stretching my adductors while I read. Make sure you lock the door first!

Resources:  Are you standing or leaning on the job? How you stand matters. Read more here. How to do the pelvic list that is in the video. Click here.
Update 08/27/15: Katy Bowman and Mark Sisson created this amazing package. The program is called Don’t Just Sit There and I highly recommend it!

 Foam Roller – Half Round Cylinder – 6×36 – Firm – White You can cut this to make several smaller domes. Have them at work, home and travel. There are lots of ways to use your dome. Click here to see a few.

Boot Tray

Yoga Tune Up Balls


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Correct Toes™ purchase on my shop page, HERE.





Align your toes to their natural position without having to think about it. Correct Toes™ can help correct or prevent bunions, corns, ingrown toenails, heel pain, plantar fasciosis, neuromas, lower leg pain, and runners’ knee. Read more about Correct Toes™ HERE. 

Update: I’ve recently added the Topo Mat to my dynamic workstation. The Topo Mat keeps you moving. This video is a sampling of the different ways I move on the Topo Mat.

Update 03/2017 FlexiSpot Sit/Stand workstation review.

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