One of my favorite techniques I learned from the Wise Earth Ayurvedic Women’s health course is called the Special Hip Massage.

“As women, we tend to hold our grievances in our hips and thighs. Hip Massage stimulates the apna air of the womb and brings the uterus into a state of contentment while relaxing the hips and legs. It increases tejas, the mellow fire that safeguards intuition. Massaging the hips arouses feelings of love and nurturing. Once love is aroused in the womb, ancestral memories awaken”, Mother Maya Tawari

Well, that’s a tall order for sure! I certainly believe some things can’t be explained scientifically and there’s a wisdom in practices that have stood the test of time for thousands of years. I’m the kind of person who wants to know why and how something works, but after doing bodywork for over 20 years, I have learned to let go of having to know the science behind how something works. In fact, some of the most powerfully healing moments seem to happen spontaneously when performing one of these ancient techniques that can’t be explained scientifically, or when I’m able to let go of the thinking brain and intuitively follow where the body takes me.

I absolutely love the Ayurvedic hip massage and wish I could have it done daily! The repetitive nature of the hip massage calms the nervous system in a way difficult to describe. My clients also report feeling an increased energy flow through their bodies, emotional releases, and deep comfort from this massage.

Ok, the brain side says I’m relaxing tight abdominal muscles, increasing circulation around the ovaries, cecum and sigmoid. The massage also helps release rigid holding patterns. I find many women subconsciously holding tension in the hips, legs, spine, and abdomen. This may be due to past sexual trauma, birth trauma, or simply the expression of having to always be on and ready to “put out the next fire”.

The ideal time to do the hip massage is during the waxing moon phase and the full moon, except for during mense, bleeding, or during mourning.

  • The first step is to have the receiver lie face down.
  •  Place your hands on the hips with thumbs at the sacrum.
  • Firmly massage the low back in circular motions. Massage in this way for a few minutes.
  • Now have the receiver lie on her left side with a pillow under her head and a bolster or stack of blankets under her top leg. The bottom leg should be straight (ish) and the top leg is slightly bent, but not past 90 degrees. Always start with the receiver on the left side.
  • Stand behind the receiver.
  • Pour about a tablespoon of massage oil over the right hip.
  • Massage the waist and hip in a circular motion for five minutes. Yes, five minutes.
  • Repeat on the other side.

Details for the Special Hip Massage are also outlined in the book, Women’s Power To Heal: Through Inner Medicine by Maya Tiwari. “This power-packed guide teaches women how to renew their health, reconnect with their feminine natures and reclaim their own innate power.”

Because I’ve been trained from a diverse network of healing modalities, I usually put a slight spin on my approach. When I’m the giver of the Hip Massage, I do the Medicine Buddha chant and meditation silently in my head. It helps me set the intention for clearing and healing and helps me stay in the present moment while making me feel light and fluid. Being present is important during any type of massage. Staring at the clock, thinking about lunch, or overthinking the technique will be felt through your hands by the receiver.

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