Constipation AKA Log Jam

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Constipation, also known as “farfrompoopin” in German, may have many contributing factors.  As anyone who suffers from chronic constipation can tell you, it’s no laughing matter....

Today I turn 46

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Today I turn 46. I made it my goal to be healthier and stronger than the year before. Last year I accomplished the unassisted pull-ups (see me doing a pull-up without pooping my pants HERE). This year...

Hemorrhoid, AKA Roy

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The following is an actual conversation I overheard at a wig party…. Mullet/rocker wig gal: What the fu@#, Roy is back!  I went camping last week, Roy loves camping… oh does he ever love camping. Afro...

Floor Sitting Options

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In the video below, I demonstrate a few options for varying your position while sitting on the floor.  If you missed the video tour of my dynamic workstation click HERE. Check out Katy Bowman’s...

Heavy Menstrual Bleeding

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Menorrhagia: Excessive bleeding, either in a number of days, amount of of blood, or both. The average blood loss per normal menstrual period is 20 to 60 ml, with the average expected blood loss to be around...

Ovulation Pain (Mittelschmertz)

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Mittelschmertz is pain in the lower abdomen which occurs at or around the time of ovulation.  The pain may last a few minutes to a couple of days.  Sometimes it happens just on the the ovulating side or...

Castor Oil Packs

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The purpose of this post is to examine the external application of Castor Oil Packs (COP). What is Castor Oil?  Castor oil is derived from the seed of the Ricinus communis Ry-Sin-us Kum-Yew-nis plant. It has...

Do I Work With Men?

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I often get asked if I work with men (must be all the uterine stuff). Yes, I do work with men. I work with men who are having digestive issues. I use Restorative Exercise™ and abdominal  massage when...

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