3 Quick Tips For Womb Health (video)

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Want more uterine tips? Browse the Happy Uterus tab. …after you take your uterus for a walk of...

Anteflexed Uterus

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The following video is a demonstration of anteflexed uterus and how it can affect the bladder. “The bladder, uterus, and rectum are physically and functionally related.  Incontinence, cystitis, or cystalgia...

Where Organs Go When You Suck In

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I switched up my voice a bit in this one…just being silly.  Hoping it will get the attention of a few young ladies I know. By the way, laughing is natural massage for your internal organs. …and...

Sacral Pain

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Below you will find a video explanation of a cause of severe sacral pain. Major falls on the sacrum before age 25 can cause a shift in the growth plates that may haunt you many years later. This is often...

My Favorite Minimal Shoes-Video

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A one minute breakdown of why these Lems are my favorite minimal shoes. I get compliments on my Lems all the time. One young man couldn’t control himself and felt me up when I was wearing my Lems! I...

Rib Flare

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Costodiaphragmatic recess: Is a space between the respiratory diaphragm and the thoracic wall in each pleural cavity (compartments which enclose the lungs). The lungs move into the space in deep...

Infertility-A Manual Therapy Approac...

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This page is dedicated to fertility enhancement and some lesser known causes of infertility. Monica Owsichek interviewed me for the “The Facts of Your Fertility” Tele-summit. Listen to the interview...

Menstrual Cycle as a Vital Sign

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Vital signs are useful for detecting medical conditions. Pulse rate, body temperature, blood pressure and respiratory rate are vital signs that every physician routinely checks.  The menstrual cycle is...

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