For Men Only!

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The following information is for educational purposes only. Okay, fine, you ladies can read this too. I’ve compiled a list of resources for men wanting to optimize their fertility, prostate and urinary...

Reflexogenic Properties of Uterine L...

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Round ligaments (RL): are thin fibro-muscular cords that run from the the lateral aspect of the fundus of the uterus and travel anterolaterally through the inguinal ring and canal and connect to the...

Rib Thrusting and Knee Pain

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This is the second post explaining how alignment affects the internal organs. In the first video, I demonstrated how proper breathing mechanics affects colon function.  This week, I’m demonstrating how...

Breathing Mechanics and The Colon

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The following video is a demonstration of how breathing mechanics affect the large intestine (colon).   …bonus breakdancing tips!       The video below is Katy Bowman demonstrating...

Not all Squats Are Created Equal

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The following is an article I wrote for, but with all the suggested links for further study. Squatting regularly is important for pelvic floor health, but not all squats are created equal. In a...

Pooping for Hormonal Health

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The colon and liver may not be the first things to come to mind when you think about hormonal balance.  But if it weren’t for the liver processing and breaking down the hormones and your large intestine...

You Always Have Time To Squat

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No time for squats?  If you have time to sit down and stand up, you have time to practice your squats. Do your knees come together when you get out of a chair?  Click HERE to learn how to strengthen your...

Belly Love

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I’ve probably done close to 7,000 abdominal massages over the years and I find that everyone single belly is absolutely beautiful, unique and has a story to tell. When I massage a wrinkled sun spotted...

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